Follow the stories of a place that confronts you with some of humankind's oldest questions:

What is life and how do we relate to it? How much are we even capable of understanding life and what aspects of it cannot be grasped by our human senses?

The HERZBERGE video and audio walk in Berlin-Lichtenberg is available at all times. Click here for the HOW-TO of the walk.

Ever since we found a language for it, we have been moved by questions about the origin of our existence. They are the driving forces of religion, science and art.

During the journey of HERZBERGE these questions guide you on your way around Königin Elisabeth Herzberge hospital. The psychiatric hospital was founded in 1893 as one of the first so-called “madhouses” of Berlin. Documentary, poetic video and sound pieces mix with the (hi)stories of the place itself. Using your own smartphone and headphones, you enter deeper and deeper into a parallel reality, navigating the thresholds of matter and spirit, human and nature, this world and the next.

HERZBERGE by Po:era (Lucas Lacerda & Daniel Weyand) is supported by Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge, Evangelische Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth Herzberge, AGRARBÖRSE Deutschland Ost e.V. and Gaia Culture e.V.

Supported by Bezirksamt Lichtenberg, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur and Abteilung Gesundheit QPK - aus Mitteln des Aktionsprogrammes Gesundheit; Kiezfonds Lichtenberg; FAN-Fonds Alt-Lichtenberg.